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C2 Division

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  • Need a team - Oct 27 - Tucker Pratt
    Any team looking for one more guy I am moving there soon been playing about 10 years in durango Colorado and want to join a team bad. please contact me 970-946-8399.

    • Re: Need a team - Nov 6 - Craig Stinehour
      This Craig Stinehour, I am the manager of the league and would love to have you start playing with our league. We operate on a draft/rating system and we don't have the bring your own team situation of lots of leagues.
      That being said, when you get to town, figure out when you can make it to a drop in skate (these are run by the city and are independent of us) and we will try to get someone there to rate you. At that point, we can have you sign up on the waiting list and if things work out someone will need to drop out and you can fill their spot if the ratings are the same or similar.
      Thanks again for the interest, I look forward to hearing from you.
      Btw, what is your name so I can look for it.

      • Re: Re: Need a team - Nov 14 - Tucker Pratt
        Awesome!! I am very excited my name is tucker Pratt ill get in some games as soom as I get up there thank you so much

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