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C1,C2,D,E division(s) are open!

PDF Season Info: Registration Details - General Information
Player Registration Form - Sponsor Application

Congratulations to the following teams for 2017 Winter:
C1: CodeGeek (Reg)

 Draft Information 
 C1 Tue May 22nd 6:30pm 
 C2 Tue May 22nd 8:00pm 
 D Thu May 24th 6:30pm 
 E Thu May 24th 8:00pm 

Before you do anything, talk to your captain. If the problem is team related, he or she should be able to
solve the problem best. If not, send an e-mail to the board member who you think can best help you. Please
understand that the board members are volunteers and have jobs and lives of their own. Please allow them a
couple of days to respond, and do not call board members at home.

For the quickest response, please contact the person who can best answer your question.

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