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FC Pond Hockey Association in conjunction with Wilson Cornhole presents:
Dennis Borland Cornhole Tournament (December 14th)


Dennis has been playing goalie for close to 30 years , and many of us have played with him for over 20. This July, while going home from his early morning skate in Fort Collins he was hit by a car while riding his motorcycle. Dennis survived but lost his left leg. FCPHL is raising money to help Dennis with expenses and to come back to the ice using prosthetics.
The tournament is looking for teams to join them in their fun. There is food, drink, prizes, raffles, and an auction.
Please visit https://www.fcphl.net/the-dennis-borland-co

D Division

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  • - Oct 2 - TJ Simington
    Good luck everyone! Tore up my shoulder at work and have to have surgery. Out 4 to 6 months but i will be back! Gonna miss playing with you guys.

    • Re: - Oct 3 - Cory Peach
      Sorry to hear that! Get better so you can come back stronger!

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